Game controller enhancements                                for playstation 4 and xbox one

Support & instructions

Trigger and thumb Treadz application and use is fairly straightforward, but here's a handy guide to getting your grip on in case you're struggling!



1. First, clean off any dirt, grime or sweat from the triggers on your controller. They won't stick very well to a dirty trigger!


2. Choose your favourite pair of Treadz, racing rubber or all-terrain or mix and match if you like!


3. Check you have the correct Treadz ready - they are marked the same as your actual joypad triggers (L2/R2 or LT/RT) and only fit properly when on the correct side.


4. Peel off the backing and stick to the trigger. There should be a small gap from the edge of the treadz to the edge of the actual trigger.


5 . Once on, press down firmly.


6. Now relax in the comfort and knowledge that all your trigger related slippage woes are banished! Well almost, you've got a better grip anyway.


7. If you fancy a change, the treadz come of pretty clean most times and any excess sticky stuff comes off with lint free cloth and non-abrasive cleaner or a non-alcohol wipe (or your finger).


8. Repeat from 1 to apply your new treadz!


If you have any feedback or would like to get in touch, please use the contact form here. If you have any problems or issues, don't take your Treadz back to the shop - drop us a line and we'll sort it out.


trigger treadz are designed in the uk - good eh?

We ship worldwide!

Gaming gets intense. There's nothing worse than preparing yourself to score that vital goal, finishing off that end-of-level boss or taking your friend down with a headshot only to be on the receiving end because your finger slipped off the trigger! Time to get traction on the action!





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